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The major motion picture studios and the technology community are working together to offer consumers a variety of legal choices for enjoying movies, whether they are at home or on the go. These options, available today, include downloading and streaming films and TV shows - whether permanent copies or rentals, buying discs with bonus digital copies for transferring to portable devices, and watching films and TV shows on mobile devices. More progress is being made to give consumers the flexibility the modern marketplace demands. At the same time copyright plays an important role in ensuring this broad array of choices for consumers and in providing the proper incentives for long-term investment in creativity and innovation.

Below are just a few examples of recent significant developments in Hollywood's efforts to increase consumer options in the digital space:

Delivering High Quality Content Online

There are more than 300 legal services around the world that provide high quality, digital content online to consumers. They cater to every manner of consumer demand including: ad-supported viewing, rental viewing, permanent downloads, and subscription viewing. In the United States, there are over 60 sites that offer high quality online digital content services for television shows and/or movies, including:,, Apple iTunes,, CinemaNow,,,,,, Netflix, Vudu, and gaming systems (Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation). For some more examples, click here.

“Buy Once, Play Anywhere” Downloading

A consortium of major entertainment studios, retail stores and technology firms including Fox, NBC Universal, Paramount, and Warner Bros. are working together on the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE). The aim is to transform legal downloading into a simple, uniform experience where digital video purchased at any outlet can be played anywhere. Movie makers want to replicate the "buy once, play anywhere" technical elegance that consumers enjoy with the DVD. DECE has agreed on key technical details and recently announced the UltraViolet brand and logo to inform consumers of content that can be played across multiple platforms. The first UltraViolet content, services and devices are expected to launch later this year.

Digital Copies with DVDs

All of the major motion picture studios are engaged in efforts to include a digital copy of their movies with new DVDs or Blu-Ray discs for use on computers and portable devices.

Distributing Content Directly to Mobile Devices

All of the major motion picture and television studios distribute full-length films and television shows directly to consumer mobile devices through the major mobile operators. Mobile TV services of various wireless providers, such as AT&T MobileTV service, Sprint TV and V-Cast Mobile TV, include full-length television episodes, television channels and/or on demand shows and movies from major studios.

Enabling Legal Burning of Downloaded Content

The studios and our technology partners negotiated a change to the DVD licensing system that will allow consumers to legitimately burn a copy of content they legally obtain from participating online services onto licensed DVD-Rs playable in all DVD players, such as through the CinemaNow service and special new Dell and Pioneer computer drives.


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