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Consumer Tips

You have many choices when it comes to purchasing and viewing your favorite movies and TV shows online. But with so many options out there, getting the real thing can often be confusing. The following tips can help you sort through the clutter:
Watch for titles that are ?Too New to be True?
Movies that have yet to be released in theaters, or which are still out in theaters, are not legally available online. If very recent titles are being sold or traded online, they are almost invariably illegal copies.

Trust Your Eyes and Ears
In many cases, the quality of illegal copies is inferior with poor sound and can appear blurry or shaky.

Be Cautious When Websites Make Offers that are Too Good to be True
Be wary of ?too good to be true? offers, such as those for ?free? content when searching for and purchasing downloads from unfamiliar sites; they typically indicate pirated product. Look-out for terms like ?Unlimited Movie Downloads,? ?100% legal,? and ?Millions of Files Shared.? Offers for one-time or yearly fees with no details and no contact information should also alert you that you have entered an illegal site. If the site avoids disclosing its location (for example, if there is no address in its contact information), this can also be a sign of an illegal website.